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What are For Good products made from?

For good products are made from plant-based natural materials.  Our food wrap, zipper bags, and trash bags are primarily made with PLA (a biobased plastic) and PBAT (a biodegradable plastic). Our parchment products are made with ethically sourced unb

How can I dispose of my For Good products?

Our goal is to take the same home care products you currently have at home, and make them better for you, our planet, and future generations. Aware that busy lives and competing priorities sometimes get in the way of lifestyle changes, For Good puts

How can I compost my For Good products?

Drop off any For Good products with your other compost to your local composting facility or partner. Looking for a new composting center? Find one near you here. Quick Tip: Farmers markets often have a compost collection or recommendations on a local

What if I don’t compost?

Even if you don’t compost, For Good products are a better alternative because they are made from plant-based materials.  If our products do wind up at a landfill, they will still break down into Earth at a much faster rate than a petroleum-based plas

How long do For Good products take to compost?

For Good items will degrade in 6 months or less when composted.

How long do For Good products last?

Our compostable products are meant to degrade over time, so naturally they’ll have a shelf life. However, if stored properly, they’ll typically last around a year.

How should I store my For Good products?

For best results, store our compostable products in a cool, dry place, away from exposure to heat, steam and sunlight.​

Is For Good packaging recyclable?

Yes! For Good packaging is fully recyclable.  On parchment rolls, please carefully pull to remove the metal cutting teeth and sort accordingly.

Is For Good parchment paper recyclable?

Parchment paper is not recyclable, however, because all materials used in our paper are natural, they will degrade over time. You can also reuse our parchment paper up to three times!​